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About Us

Avis Ignis USA, LLC has been serving the needs of businesses (private, public, federal, governmental, law enforcement, military), both large and small, for over a decade (1995) in the European Union. The executives of the corporation began building Intelligent Fuel Systems" with friends and family, out of their garage in Hungary.
Management of major oil companies came across one of their powerful network systems and contacted Avis Ignis USA, LLC. They explained that, the oil firms needed a co-operation with us, to support our system with their supply."
The executives of the corporation then decided that they had an opportunity to help many other businesses facing the same challenge, and the present Avis Ignis USA, LLC came into being.
Their fist challenge was to create a powerful infrastructure of their own. Within a couple of years Avis Ignis USA, LLC has extended its operation to abroad.. Avis Ignis USA, LLC has subject matter experts who are committed to rendering unparalleled services.
Avis Ignis USA, LLC created an unbelievable database and network structure that would facilitate expansion with no downtime.
The corporation accepted the challenge and created an advanced system that enabled the oil firms not only to grow exponentially, but created a powerful presence and functionality for them as well. Both sides of our partners, the oil firms and also our clients were thrilled with the results, and spread the word.
What does the Avis Ignis USA LLC services package mean to our clients ?

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