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Avis Ignis LLC. Hardware & Software

APIX Hardware

  • Accurate measurement (±0.1%), even with continuous
    compensation on 59 °F
  • Extremely safe, no data loss, non-deletable flash memory
  • 6,000,000 cards / system & fuelings / system
  • Dual control kit supplied with a built-in level measurement system
  • The RF card identification optionally combinable (personal/vehicle PIN)
  • Master and operator cards for special functions
  • Receipt printing options on the control
  • Emergency start-up mode
  • Vandal-proof keypad
  • Reliable in extreme operating conditions

HRFS Software

  • Windows based system
  • Built on SQL database language

Information Collection


APIX is the optimum solution for companies who need to:

  • Unlimited number of APIX options within a network
  • High quality reporting
  • Control all fuel deliveries for own consumption
  • Streamline the business of delivering fuel for vehicles
  • Control the consumption for each driver & equipment
  • Monitor actual inventory of fuel
  • Have accurate daily deliveries
  • Establish the maximum fueling quantity / day / driver / equipment
  • Customize various reports to improve management decisions
  • Optimize precision for budget planning
  • Export data for processing in SAP, Oracle and other software
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